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Trees can take decades to replace. Using a combination of proper inspections and proper pruning, our Dekalb Tree Service Experts can help your trees maintain a long healthy life and keep them looking great. Our tree service offers several various pruning and trimming methods to keep your trees safe and beautiful.
- Pruning and Trimming ornamental trees
- Pruning and Trimming large shade trees
- Pruning and Trimming hazardous and dead limbs
- Pruning and Trimming from storm damage
- Pruning and Trimming to allow light

       Dekalb Tree Service Experts - Tree Trimming           Dekalb Tree Service Experts - Tree Pruning

Our Dekalb Tree Service climbers have at least 5 years experience, and some up to 20 years experience in dangerous tree removals, and trimming.  For those hard to reach jobs our tree service specialists have a wide variety of tree equipment to pick from like bucket trucks and cranes. 

Tree Services Offered:

Tree Removal - Tree removal plays an important role in tree service. It is done to remove dangerous, dying, or bothersome trees.  Our Dekalb Tree Service Professionals take extra precaution when removing large or dead trees near homes and structures.  All large limbs and portions of tree trunk will be cut in small pieces and lowered down to the ground with ropes and pulleys. Tree removal is very dangerous and should only be done by experienced and insured professionals like our Dekalb Tree Servce Experts.

Reasons for tree removal -
- The tree is growing too close to the home and the tree roots can cause foundation damage
- The tree is blocking sunlight and other trees, plants and grass can not grow
- The tree is dead, dying, or diseased and could cause damage to people or structures
- The tree is hindering new construction and needs to be removed for a new deck, pool, or fence.
Mushrooms at the base of the tree are a sign that the tree is unhealthy and needs to be removed.
        - Sawdust at the base of the tree is also a sign of infestation and the tree should be removed.
         Dekalb Tree Service Experts - Sick Tree                            Dekalb Tree Service Experts - Bug Infestation

Tree Trimming and Pruning - Tree trimming and pruning helps the health and beauty of your trees and home. We guarantee that our Dekalb Tree Service Professionals is the best in Georgia! Our Dekalb Tree Service Trained Professionals are in the field and are knowledgeable about which kind of tree treatments will effect different species of trees. Most regular maintenance tree trimming and pruning can be done year round. However, for extensive trimming, it is best to wait until the trees are dormant. 

Crown Clean Out (Class A Prune) -  When a tree service technician climbs or uses a bucket truck to remove dead, dying, intersecting, weak tree branches, and water sprouts from the canopy of the tree. This is the most common of pruning techniques and allows strong winds to pass through the tree more easily and reduce falling.
Crown Elevation - Removal of lower limbs and sucker growth to allow clearance over driveways, roofs, or lighting for gardens.
Crown Reduction - Removal of leaders back to the lateral branches to reduce the size or width of a tree. In most cases this is done as a last resort before removal of the tree

There are only certain times and techniques that should be used in tree trimming and pruning care. Let one of our Dekalb Tree Experts give you a free evaluation today!!
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When trimming trees, there are only a few reasons branches should be cut
- Trimming branches that are intersecting and/or rubbing eachother
- Trimming dead or weak branches that could lead to decay or cause damage to people or property
- Trimming diseased or insect infested limbs 
- Trimming broken or torn limbs caused by storm damage\
- Trimming to train young or immature trees
- Trimming at the tips to remove excess weight
Limbs should never be removed off a tree without reason!

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